Alpine Intelligent Law Enforcement

Many organizations are intrigued by the concept of Intelligent Law Enforcement but do not quite understand what it is.   Author Jerry Ratcliffe summarizes is as follows:

  • is a management philosophy / business model
  • aims to achieve crime reduction and prevention to disrupt offender activity;
  • employs a top-down management approach;
  • combines crime analysis and criminal intelligence into crime intelligence;
  • uses crime intelligence to objectively direct police resource decisions;
  • focuses on enforcement activities on prolific and serious offenders

Proven innovators and practitioners, Alpine Consulting, an IBM Premier Business Partner, has invested over 17 years developing deep expertise in solving risk, threat, fraud and compliance related challenges across multiple industries. With our highly skilled technical engineers and their market-segment specific expertise, Alpine Consulting is the “go to partner” for IBM and clients across the globe in the investigative and fraud detection and prevention arena.

Our team of experienced individuals brings to our clients industry experts with domain expertise and leading technology solutions to help our law enforcement clients:

  • Assist investigators in solving crimes more expeditiously
  • Prevent crimes from occurring through the use of analytics
  • Improve officer safety through advanced notification prior to engaging with suspects
  • Advanced Analytics Reporting for management oversight

Alpine brings our domain expertise to help leverage tools such as:

  • IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook
  • IBM i2 iBase
  • IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight
  • IBM Global Name Management
  • IBM i2 iBase Intellishare
  • IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform

Are you ready to work with the best?

“Alpine Consulting has quickly proven that they add tremendous value to our clients environments through
accelerated deployments of our technologies that generate tangible roi and knowledge transfer to our mutual
customers. We recommend and stand behind Alpine Consulting as a high value partner!”

Melinda Matthews Clarkson
Director, Industry Solutions Business Partners, WW IBM SWG

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