Custom eCommerce Integrations & Extensions

Today’s eCommerce platforms have a lot to offer – they are feature-rich and offer a wide variety of extensions and integration options.  But your business is unique, and sometimes your requirements can’t be met with OOTB features or marketplace extensions.

Alpine offers resources that can effectively take a client’s application into new territory. This includes both custom solutions and new integrations to existing platforms, such as WebSphere CommerceMagento, and BigCommerce.

Some recent examples of custom eCommerce customizations:

  • Integration with PayPal for seamless checkout, with address retrieval
  • Optimized product page attribute selection (color-length-width-height)
  • Custom Google Maps Integration (where-to-buy search)
  • Ratings & Reviews vendors (custom implementation/integration)
  • ERP back-end integrations (Infor SX, SAP, etc.)
  • Cost reduction initiatives – we recently implemented a custom extension to support grouping designated items to reduce shipping charges which allowed the client to maintain the information via custom catalog fields.
  • Tax Holiday support – allowed client to define dates, locations and terms governing tax-free days.
  • Restricted items – Logic and workflows governing shipping/handling for items that cannot be shipped by air (starter pistol blanks, etc)
  • Custom information and registration support – this was implemented in a way that the client could maintain seminar schedules and terms without programming support.
  • Shipping Logic – Limit shipping options to only “freight” for orders over a certain weight, or that contain items designated as freight-only.  This was implemented so that the options were maintained/configurable by the client
  • International shipping and checkout support – provided form and links to direct non-USA shipping to Bongo site.
  • Tealium tag integration – converted from native JavaScript APIs to Tealium.  After the required page tags were implemented, the client was able to manage adding, removing, and modifying integrations with Google and other APIs without the need for programming support. Additional advantage was that much of the scripting initialization was moved “above the fold” to improve initial page load times.
  • Celebros search engine and recommendations – provided automated uploads from site database, and page integrations for search results and type-ahead suggestions.
  • Custom data extracts and uploads to 3rd-party vendors for analytics and marketing (MyBuysTrustPilotWhatCountsCriteo, etc).

Basically, if the client can imagine it, we can build it.  And it’s not as scary, expensive, or complex as you might think.

If you have some requirements that can’t be met with OOTB functionality, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to map out some options for you!

Mark McKenzie – Senior Consultant at Alpine Consulting, Inc.

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