Do you REALLY Know Your Customer?

Most organizations collect an enormous amount of data but struggle to derive much value from it.  This is particularly true of customer data, where companies are obligated to protect privacy AND demonstrate reasonable efforts to screen customers.

Over the years, Alpine has helped numerous organizations address challenges related to customer data.   The first step in any initiative involving customer data is to make sure you have a holistic view of your customer.

To build this holistic view, Alpine has had great success with the following technologies:

These technologies can add value in any organization where:

  • Data related to a specific individual, organization, or asset is scattered (or siloed) throughout the enterprise
  • The volume of customer data is too large to manage/review manually
  • Legal obligations to “Know Your Customer” are established (e.g. Financial, Travel, etc.)
  • Access to sensitive products or information must be monitored or restricted

If you’re having challenges with your customer data, Alpine can certainly help.  We have a rich history of helping clients “know their customers”, and have developed and supported applications in the following industries:

  • Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Homeland Security
  • Financial Services/Banking
  • Hospitality/Travel
  • Retail and Manufacturing

These industries are very different, but the lessons we’ve learned in one industry can often be applied in another.  For example, mechanisms used by money launders to stay under the radar may also be used by fraudsters to open multiple B2B accounts and lines of credit at an online B2B retailer.

Alpine’s unique perspective can help customers define their problems, map out solutions, and help operational staff understand and address the challenges they encounter.

If your customer data is tying you in knots, I’d like to help.  Let’s talk about your challenges and plan the road ahead!  Drop me a line.

Clyde Bryant – Sr. Consultant / Identity Insight Architect, Alpine Consulting, Inc.

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