Magento Implementation: A Developer’s Take on Successful eCommerce Projects

Finding professional guidance for your ecommerce web project does not come without challenges to overcome. You are the expert in your business, Alpine is the expert in the Magento ecommerce platform. Together, we’ll work as a team to deliver an ecommerce site that is technically sound and exceeds your users’ expectations.

Our strength is measured by the results of our work and commitment to our clients. Your project work is viewed as an investment in our community. A community based on professionalism and a high technical acumen for the Magento skill set.

As a technical consultant with Alpine focusing on Magento projects, my highest priorities are professionalism and delivering a high-quality work product. In order to succeed in my job, I need to develop strong relationships with my clients. I need to feel comfortable that I clearly understand their requirements. And the client should feel comfortable sharing, clarifying, and discussing requirements in an open-door forum.

Sometimes web project requirements aren’t fully understood from a technical perspective, even from those clients that know every corner of their own business. Occasionally, people disagree on what the requirements are. In these cases, rather than develop what we think clients might need (and hope for the best), through experience, we’ve found it’s more productive to utilize that open-door forum. This allows all parties to mutually progress towards real-world attainable goals, in order to arrive at actionable, agreed upon, concrete decisions. We embrace constructive brainstorming throughout the project, even allowing for some beneficial tension. All to help mitigate any distruptful direction through the entirety of the project. From the original build, to the live production phase, and ongoing maintenance, all phases are critical to the quality of your web project.

Since our clients are the experts in their business, we listen closely when they describe their vision and requirements. We understand that the real “boss” for the combined team are the users of the ecommerce system itself.

Before developing to a specific requirement, we may identify approaches or features that have worked for other clients that can augment or simplify the experience for end-users. I feel especially rewarded, being a part of a high-professional project, when I’m able to bring my past experiences to light in order to help clients make well-informed decisions. Decisions that not only affect the current status of the benefits that Alpine offers, but they’re important decisions that can affect clients’ business for years.

Preparation is also an essential component of ecommerce success. Alpine internally makes investments that allows our consulting team to continually stay up-to-date on our technical skills and industry knowledge. We invest and participate in technical courses, conferences, and workshops.

I consider this a smart investment, as I’ve seen the divdends first-hand. For example, our participation in the yearly Magento Imagine Conference has given us the opportunity to learn about new features, performance improvements, and best practices that can be immediately utilized on client projects.

As one of the newest development team members with Alpine, I’ve brought with me my own distinct experiences, knowledge, and professional insights to share and grow with others as a focused community. My skills and accomplishments add value, and when combined with those possessed by my colleagues – were an ecommerce powerhouse! I love being a part of this team, and I’m excited and confident in our ability to help our clients grow their business.

In terms of the Magento platform, I’ve seen the growth of Magento reach a new height and respect in the ecommerce industry. And I’m excited about the Magento2 platform, working with it as a developer, and how that benefits your business directly.

Technically, the new Magento platform is superior to older versions. It was developed through years of dedicated research with focus on the underlying engineering of the entire system. The quality of the Magento 2 system is solid from all perspectives: developer, administrator, and user. Including ease-of-use, stability of upgrades, and introduction of new features to development builds that address new trends in ecommerce. It’s a pleasure working with the platform.

I’m passionate about ecommerce and my colleagues and I are eager to help you strengthen your online presence. If you’re looking for ecommerce expertise — get in touch with us, and let’s talk about your vision!

Andy Stanik, Magento Developer – Alpine Consulting, Inc.

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