Cryptocurrency Fraud Part 1: Macro Fraud

This post provides links to information and examples referenced in Episode 4 (Cryptocurrency Fraud – Part 1) of Alpine’s Threat & Fraud Podcast.

Podcast Episode:

Bogus Crypto / Initial Coin Offering

Link to story discussing the recent Modern Tech / Pincoin / IFAN scam that resulted in 32,000 investors losing a combined $660 Million.

51% Attacks

Link to story providing details of the recent 51% attack on Ethereum Classic resulting in losses of approximately $1.1 million.

Exchange Thefts

Link to story about the theft of $41 million in bitcoin from the Binance exchange in May 2019.

Crypto Ponzi Schemes

Link to SEC investor alert that was issued due to the increasing prevalence of crypto-based ponzi schemes.

Tumblers & Mixing Services

Link to story about the recent Europol shutdown of the popular Bestmixer crypto mixing service.

Crypto Due Diligence

Link to Wall Street Journal publication that identifies more than 500 “questionable” crypto offerings (Paywall warning). Google the title “A Flood of Questionable Cryptocurrency Offerings” if you are unable to access the content.

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