Cryptocurrency Fraud Part 2: Micro Fraud

This post provides links and resources referenced in Episode 5 (Cryptocurrency Fraud Pt. 2) of Alpine’s Threat & Fraud podcast.

Podcast Episode

Ransomware Statistics

Link to article on ransomware statistics.

Stealing Power & Computing Resources

Link to article on bitcoin miner who routed cables through a fish pond to steal power.

Link to article on bitcoin miner who stole electricity from an oil well

Customer Service / Tech Support Fraud

Link to FBI public service announcement on customer service / tech support fraud aimed at cryptocurrency holders.

Shady Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Wallets

Link to information and rankings on 110 exchanges operating in the cryptocurrency market today.

General Cryptocurrency Due Diligence

Link to Wall Street Journal publication that identifies more than 500 “questionable” crypto offerings (Paywall warning). Google the title “A Flood of Questionable Cryptocurrency Offerings” if you are unable to access the content.

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