Dreading the migration to Magento 2?

Nearly a year ago, Magento announced that they would support Magento 1 (formerly Magento Enterprise Edition) through June 2020.  The announcement included the following line:

“While we’re committed to supporting the success of all merchants, the time to upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 is now.”

Maybe this is you thinking about Magento 2 migration?

Many of our clients heeded that advice and are now enjoying the flexibility and scalability offered by the Magento 2 platform.  Others are still waiting – like a kid standing on the edge of a diving board – anxious about what that jump might bring.

We understand that anxiety.  As a certified Enterprise Magento Solution Partner, we once had to stand on the edge of that diving board and wonder. . .

  • How are we going to make Magento 2 happen for our clients?
  • How can we efficiently migrate data from their old site to the new?
  • Can we port their extensions and custom code to the new environment?
  • What about their themes and customizations?  Can we deliver the experience our customers demand?

We jumped.  And yes, the first time was a little scary.  But we jumped again. . .and again. . .and again. 

We have many Magento 2 migrations under our belt and we feel confident.  It’s not scary anymore – it’s thrilling and fun.  We love it and want to do it with you!

If you’re feeling some trepidation about migrating to Magento 2, let’s talk about it.  Specifically, let’s come up with a plan now so you don’t end up being pushed off the diving board next June. 

Nobody likes to be pushed.  Let’s spend a few hours together and discuss what migration might look like for you.  Let’s talk about your site, what makes it unique, and what functions and experiences you absolutely need to deliver to your clients.  Let’s talk about your budget, timeline, and your vision for the future.

Following that discussion, we’ll come back to you with some options and a preliminary migration plan.  If you don’t like it, no hard feelings.  If you love it, great!  Let’s jump! 

Bottom line, nine months from now, Magento will cease support for the Magento 1 platform.  If you’re standing on the edge, feeling a bit anxious. . .Let’s spend a few hours together – no cost or obligation – and map out a plan.  Give us a call!

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