Accelerate the Intelligence Cycle

 Alpine Crime Analysis Portal (ACAP)

We understand that resources are limited, expectations are high, and margins for error are thin in law enforcement.  ACAP was designed to help your team accelerate the intelligence cycle – minus the high costs, complexity, and risk often associated with law enforcement technologies.

What is ACAP?

ACAP is a managed crime analysis portal that helps your team address the challenges and roadblocks outlined below. ACAP aims to automate many of the “data massaging” tasks that consume up to 60% of your team’s time – so they spend more time fighting crime, and less time crunching data.

ACAP resides within your data center, with Alpine taking responsibility for maintenance of the ACAP environment (i.e. no special technical resources will need to be acquired or hired).

The ACAP solution consists of the following components:

Entity Resolution

Investigation Tools

Crime Analysis

  • Builds the dossier – aggregates all information known about an individual
  • Resolves variations and transpositions
  • Identifies relationships (common or similar attributes)
  • Automates data massaging tasks that consume up to 40% of analyst’s time
    • Resolves multicultural name challenges
    • Removes the need to pre-parse messy name and address values
    • Provides rules to deal with conflicting data
  • Create and save investigative scenarios
  • Drill down on subjects of interest
  • Share information and collaborate
  • Manage roles, authority, and access
  • Analyze crime trends
  • Create charts & reports
  • Monitor progress and results
  • Justify resource needs

Challenges within the Intelligence Cycle

ACAP seeks to accelerate the intelligence cycle by addressing the following challenges and roadblocks:

The Intelligence Cycle

Law Enforcement Challenges

  • Limited resources
  • Increased oversight & scrutiny
  • Heavy caseloads
  • Unclear or changing priorities
  • Volume and growth of data
  • Compartmentalized, protected, and sensitive data
  • Difficulty hiring and retaining technical resources
  • Effective communication of complex crime scenarios
  • Communicating progress and results
  • Justifying plans, programs, resources and decisions

Data to Actionable Intelligence


  • Different methods of collecting data among departments or precincts
  • Many forms of data (database, spreadsheet, post-it notes, physical file/jacket, etc.)
  • Large volumes of data
  • Separating relevant groups, individuals, attributes, and assets from those of less interest.
  • Duplicate records and conflicting data
  • Questionable origin of data
  • Attributing new information to the right entity
  • Communicating complex scenarios to leadership
  • Paperwork and bureaucracy

Want to Learn More?

We’d love to learn more about your vision and objectives.   We’re happy to demonstrate the ACAP solution and answer any questions you may have.

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