Counter Fraud Practice

Most organizations have been conditioned to collect and retain as much data as possible.  In many cases, retention of data is mandated by law.  Organizations also believe that large stores of historical and transactional data can be a competitive asset that can help them make better decisions and anticipate trends in the market.

Maintaining these large stores of data is challenging.   Most organizations’ data stores are doubling every two years.  The sheer volume of data is so overwhelming that less than one half of one percent of that data will ever be used.

Criminals understand this “data overload” challenge and rely on it to help them conduct and hide nefarious activity.

Alpine Consulting has more than 15 years experience helping organizations use their data to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.  Areas of Alpine expertise include:

  • Finance:  Anti Money Laundering (AML), Internal fraud & collusion, KYC, transaction screening
  • Government & Law Enforcement:  Entity resolution, Link analysis
  • Retail:  Organized retail theft, Internal fraud, Slip-n-fall,
  • Health Care:  Coding & billing schemes, Medicare & medicaid fraud

Alpine’s solution expertise includes:

If you’d like to be more proactive in your fraud prevention efforts, we invite you to reach out to Alpine.

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