Design / UX

Alpine has a taken a unique approach to UI/UX that is different from any other partner in the Magento eco-system. Alpine has formed a strategic and exclusive partnership with Mindscape. This decision was simple – they are an award-winning design firm with a core focus on web design and digital strategy. Our partner staffs over 30 creative personnel to help with any type of digital marketing project engagement. This type of relationship allows both Alpine to focus on their respective core competence while working closely together to achieve client satisfaction. Furthermore, this allows Alpine to deliver very competitive hourly rates as we aren’t carrying all the design overhead. The relationship is a seamless process and our clients experience the best of all options: award-winning design, award winning Magento development at a very affordable price.


We provide an agile and documented development process with a focus on usability and results. Our UX process begins with a creative concepting session. We start with pencil, paper, and a genuine “prototype” approach that provides a solid understanding of on-page assets, functionality, and calls to action.


With approval of the wireframes, we move to a high-fidelity concept which brings life to the brand, messaging, and overall look and feel. These concepts are often created in a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


Alpine provides a tight communication loop with our partners based on best practices and meeting objectives. All sites are thoroughly tested in major browsers and platforms. They are also stress-tested for traffic and optimized for mobile performance.

Our Graphic designers use various methods to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages, the Look & Feel of the website. We will enable the creative process through a discovery into the following concepts:

  • About the Brand (Brand History)
  • The Competition
  • Brand Perceptions & Stigmas
  • Marketing Goals
  • Design Goals
  • Design Inspiration
  • Support/Design Staff
  • Asset Review