eCommerce Managed Services

Focus on your business.

Does your website work for you or vice versa? Your website is critical, but you have a business to run. We want to ease the burden of maintaining your eCommerce infrastructure and get you back to thrilling your customers, growing your brand, and giving your competition heartburn.

One size does NOT fit all. Pay for the support you use and nothing more.

AMS offers the most flexible and comprehensive support plan available within the eCommerce ecosystem and allows our customers to be in full control of the engagement.

Alpine Managed Services (AMS) is geared to help clients support all facets of their eCommerce application. We understand that some clients have more bandwidth than others: You manage what you want to manage and leave the rest to us!

What platforms does AMS support?

Alpine provides certified resources for these platforms and many others!

What functions does AMS perform?

  • General maintenance, performance tuning & hosting
  • Platform migrations, upgrades and application integration
  • Data management and migration
  • Plugin management and troubleshooting
  • SEO, Analytics, and Insights

Features of the AMS:

  • Flexible monthly support hours based on YOUR business – no predefined hours
  • Month to month contracts – no long-term agreements that you’ll be stuck in
  • 24/7 Support and uptime monitoring
  • Strict SLA’s to meet any business need
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Support for design modifications, extensions, customizations and integrations
  • Telephone support/email support
  • Site Performance Reviews (Analytics, SEO, Audits)
  • Detailed weekly hour/project breakdown

Work with the experts

AMS works closely with industry-leading hosting providers to ensure that you’re getting the best hosting service possible for your deployment. Alpine has strategically partnered up with leading hosting providers to help facilitate top-notch SLA’s when it comes to your physical servers and your applications.  With one point of contact, Alpine monitors and handles all support tickets – above or below the application layer.

Contact us and let’s collaborate on a support plan that meets your needs and budget!