IBM WebSphere

IBM WebSphere and IBM Commerce Solutions

With U.S. online sales alone expected to surpass $523 billion by 2020, Alpine is your single stop for IT eCommerce experts, implementators, support, and strategists.  Alpine Consulting creates solutions that drive rapid success—unleashing the potential of your online investment.

Are your eCommerce sites achieving your revenue and profitability objectives? Does your online presence deliver the recognition, attractiveness, and utility to engage customers and increase sales? Do you have the features and functionality that yield tangible business advantage?

The Internet is a goldmine of opportunity. Yet, in today’s turbulent economy, eCommerce success requires far more than a web presence. It requires a strategic solution that inspires customer loyalty. It requires scalable infrastructure that can accommodate change. And it requires best-of-breed tools that leverage your business model and systems for continual, high-margin growth.

To build and maintain a superior web presence, you need a partner who understands the technical, business, and customer dynamics of eCommerce. That partner is Alpine Consulting, a highly certified and award-winning IBM Premier Business Partner. With more than 13 years’ eCommerce experience, Alpine Consulting has developed more than 60 unique sites, supporting over $3.5 billion in annual transactions.

Our team can implement one of several off-the-shelf solutions, such as IBM WebSphere®; combine existing software with state-of-the-art applications; or develop a completely customized solution. Recognized eCommerce experts, we are involved in numerous industry groups and councils, enabling us to give clients access to the most cutting-edge technologies—often before they come to market.

The Pinnacle of Your Success

Alpine Consulting’s one-stop eCommerce offering spans:

  • Assessment, Planning, Design, and Deployment
  • eCommerce slection and ancilary application needs
  • Software Implementation, Installations, or Migrations
  • Feature-Rich, Add-on Tools and Technologies
  • Back-Office Integration
  • Enterprise Training
  • Ongoing Support and Development

We also add value by ensuring ADA compliance and search engine optimization (SEO). Plus, while others often need a 6- to 12-month startup, our eCommerce experienced practitioners and Agile methodology enable us to begin development on day one—giving you a near immediate return on investment.

Whether you need a cost-effective third-party application, feature-rich add-on, or end-to-end custom solution, Alpine gets the job done right—on time and on budget.

IBM WebSphere Commerce

Recognized as the “gold standard” of eCommerce applications, IBM’s WebSphere Commerce can address your eBusiness initiatives. Certified and well-experienced in WebSphere, Alpine leads the industry in IBM WebSphere Commerce experts and heads up design, architecture, development, installations, and migrations.

B2B and B2C Solutions

Alpine takes pride in creating powerful B2B and B2C solutions that create value. Focusing on performance, flexibility, user experience, and enterprise-wide utility, we leverage in-demand features such as Web 2.0 interface design, advanced search, and open-source coding. Your solution can be off-the-shelf, custom, or a combination, enabling you maximum latitude—and maximum results.

Content Management, Data Analysis & Performance Improvement

Alpine provides a number of value-added products and services to enhance your web presence, including:

  • IBM Digital – Analyzes and reports on user activity to uncover traffic issues, points of customer abandonment, order statistics and more.
  • IBM Commerce Insights – Gain insight faster with customer and performance data in context of customer experience.
  • Executive Dashboard – Provides management a user-friendly interface to view site activity, including daily volume, top product sales, regional statistics, value of open shopping carts and other items to improve organizational forecasting and reporting.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Helps sites achieve higher search engine rankings and improve visibility of your company and offerings.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Ensures your sites are in compliance with current and pending regulations, including those related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Back-Office Integration

Alpine Consulting increases the efficiency of your eCommerce environment by architecting solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing operational infrastructure, including those specific to your vertical industry.