Magento 2 Migration

There are plenty of companies out there offering to help you “easily” migrate from Magento 1.x to the Magento 2 platform. Let’s face it, if it was easy, you would have done it yourself already.

You need certain. . .skills. . .to achieve victory in this battle.

You Need Magento Ninjas

Alpine Consulting – the Magento Ninjas

Alpine has been implementing eCommerce solutions for more than 20 years. Every client is different: Your data is different, your themes are different, and you use a variety of extensions, custom code, and integrations. Some of this content IS easy to migrate. Other elements present challenges.

So rather than patronize you with simplistic promises or lure you with an easy button, we propose an alternative approach. Let’s plan and execute like ninjas!

Magento 2 Migration Plan

Do ninjas stumble blindly into battle without a plan or an objective? No, we would never do that. (決して!)

So why would you trust something as important as your website to the winds of fate? Our mission is to build your business a new virtual home – without disrupting your operations, alienating your customers, or diluting your employees.

To achieve success, you need a razor-sharp plan and precise execution. Before we fight, we plan. Here’s the process:

Initial Discovery & Requirements Gathering

  • Your timeline & budget
    Your vision for the business; growth & expansion
    New and desired changes to existing functionality

On-site Assessment with Business & Technical Stakeholders

  • A series of 160+ technical questions and 130+ business questions designed to clearly define requirements
  • Configurations
  • Off-the-shelf extensions
  • Custom functionality
  • Data
  • Integrations

Upon completing the discovery & assessment, we’ll deliver a comprehensive plan that specifically addresses:

  • Cost & effort estimates for the migration effort
  • Migration timeline
  • Extension plan (updates or alternative 3rd party extensions)
  • Data migration plan
  • Integration and customization plan
  • Theme and branding plan
  • Development of new features/functionality (if desired)

Magento 2 Migration Plan – Fees & Terms

We deliver the blueprints (Magento 2 Migration plan) for a flat rate of $5,000. If you select Alpine to perform the migration, we credit that amount toward the migration effort.

If you decide that Alpine isn’t the right team of ninjas for you, the deliverables are yours to keep, and you can distribute them to other Magento partners to assist in their discovery/estimation efforts.

Let’s Get Started!

Do you have questions about migrating to Magento 2? Questions about the Alpine approach? We’re happy to speak with you. Fill out the form below and we’ll reach out quickly! (はい!)

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