WebSphere Managed Services

Focus on your Business

WebSphere products are great!  But your team can’t afford to drop the strategic work they’re doing to support a WebSphere upgrade, migration, configuration change or keeping your existing environment supported and secure.

But that’s often exactly what happens!  Critical resources are allocated to the “WebSphere project”  – and you’re left with a deadline and a fraction of your crew.  Heartburn!

Put the Tums away.  Alpine’s Managed Services can help you keep your team focused on the strategic work you hired them to do.

What WebSphere Products Does Alpine Support?

There are a lot of ’em, and you’re probably reading this on your phone, so we’ll spare you the wall of bullet points.  Most clients we work with need help with one or more of the following technologies:

One Size Does NOT Fit All. Pay for Support that you use and Nothing More

Alpine’s Managed Services (AMS) is geared to help clients support their WebSphere environments in all facets. We understand that some clients have more bandwidth than others – AMS is the most flexible and comprehensive support plan available and allows our customers to be in full control of the engagement.

Features of AMS:

  • Flexible monthly support hours based on YOUR business – no predefined hours
  • Defined Statements of Work for specific projects or scheduled events
  • Month to month contracts – no long-term agreements that hold you hostage
  • Tier 1 Support (Optional – contact us for details)
  • 24/7 Support and uptime monitoring
  • Strict SLA’s to meet any business need
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Support for design modifications, extensions, customizations and integrations
  • Telephone support / email support
  • Detailed weekly reporting for work performed

Let’s Start with an Initial Review

Are there opportunities to consolidate or eliminate software licensing?  Do you have redundant support contracts?  We’ll review your environment AND licensing/support contracts and present recommendations that will positively impact your operations and budget.

Work With the Experts

When it comes to WebSphere:  We’ve been there and done that.   We’re here to support your team and look forward to learning about your needs.  Give us a call – or  tell us about your needs and let us configure a support plan that’s right for your team!

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