ElcomSoft – Digital Forensic Tools

ElcomSoft is a leading developer of digital forensics tools. ElcomSoft forensic products and tools are used by law enforcement to assist in obtaining digital evidence critical to the success of criminal investigations.

Alpine is pleased to offer ElcomSoft’s powerful portfolio of mobile and computer forensic tools. Contact Alpine – or read on – to learn more about these cutting-edge investigation tools.

Product NameDescription
ElcomSoft Cloud eXplorerExtract information from a Google Account. Download user location history, files, documents, calendar, and chat history.
ElcomSoft Distributed Password RecoveryBreak complex passwords, recover strong encryption keys, and unlock documents in a production environment.
ElcomSoft Forensic Disk DecryptorAccess data stored in encrypted containers (BitLocker, PGP, etc.).
ElcomSoft Mobile Forensic BundleComplete mobile forensic kit - view and analyze information stored in mobile devices and tablets.
ElcomSoft Password Recovery BundleProvides all password recovery tools. Unlock documents, decrypt archives, and break into encrypted containers.
ElcomSoft Phone BreakerGain access to iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry devices and local/cloud backups.
ElcomSoft Phone ViewerEasily arrange and analyze information extracted with ElcomSoft and other tools,

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