Alpine Intelligent Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Challenge:  Analysis Paralysis

In the age of “Big Data,” investigators and analysts spend between 40-60% of their time searching, massaging, and validating data.

Law enforcement analysts tell us that it takes between 20 minutes and 14 hours to gather and validate data related to a single individual – with multiple “data refreshes” during the investigation as new information is added and old data goes stale.

The result?  Your investigators and analysts are forced to become part-time data scientists which dilutes valuable investigative resources.  Add heavy caseloads, high turnover, and a steep learning curve and your team can quickly find themselves gridlocked.


law enforcement analysis paralysis

How Does Alpine Help?

Alpine provides a solution that helps you automate the tedious, time-consuming, and mind-numbing data gathering and validation tasks.   We help your team focus on catching the bad guys– not wrestling with bad data.

Here’s what we do:

  1. Alpine standardizes and centralizes your investigative data sources
  2. We build a dossier just like you do – by gathering and reconciling all information known about an individual
  3. We identify links – or common attributes – between individuals
  4. We provide alerts on Entities, Relationships, and Events of interest
  5. We make this information available to your team via their desired toolsets – in near real-time.


Alpine Intelligent Law Enforcement:   Solution Details

The Alpine Intelligent Law Enforcement system is comprised of the following components:

Hardware / Virtual Hardware – Alpine will deploy a server pre-loaded with the software components in your data center.  If desired, we can also deploy the solution on your existing infrastructure (via Virtual Machine), or as a cloud service.

Software –  The software stack includes software licensing for the following software products:

Software ComponentPurpose / Function
Senzing G2Aggregate and resolve entity information (build the dossier, identify relationships)
IBM i2 Analyst's NotebookLink analysis and visualization tools.
ReportingIncluded; can utilize your preferred/existing reporting platform if desired.
HardwareIncluded. Will reside in your data center.
Alpine implementation services & supportImplement and maintain your solution

Implementation & Training – We’ll implement your solution and train your investigators and analysts

Ongoing Support – Following “go live”, an Alpine support representative is available to assist via phone, email, or chat.

We keep it simple and economical

We aim to implement your solution in 30 days – with minimal disruption to your current environment or operations.   Your data will never leave your sphere of control, and Alpine support is accessible by phone, chat, or email.

And if you don’t like us. . .Fire us.  We offer our solution on a monthly subscription basis – and aim to earn your business each month.

Want to learn more?

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