Law Enforcement Intelligence Solutions

Law enforcement analysts and investigative teams need to produce actionable intelligence – quickly!

The problem is, most intelligence teams are spread thin and have limited resources/tools.  Case loads are heavy and it’s difficult to keep up with massive amounts of incoming data.

Alpine understands these challenges, and we can help your team – big or small – to reach their potential and produce high-fidelity, actionable intelligence that keeps our communities safe.

Here’s where we can help:

Alpine Law Enforcement Expertise

Link/Relationship AnalysisDiscover relationships between individuals, assets and organizations.
Incident AnalysisGather and analyze information about an incident and its relationship with other crimes.
Time ProbabilityAnalyze the sequence of events that indicate crime patterns.
MappingIdentify and analyze crime movement and "hot spots"
Tracking Top Offenders/RecidivistsIdentify and track high-risk individuals using criteria that fits your needs.
Gang/Organization MembershipTrack an individual's organization membership and activity.
Mobile Phone Data AnalysisAdd call history, contacts and other data to support your investigations.
Social Media AnalysisUse popular social media platforms to discover associations and analyze criminal activity
Entity ResolutionBuild a holistic view of an individual or organization.

Let’s Talk About Your Vision

Our law enforcement team has decades of law enforcement, intelligence, and analytics experience.  We’d like to understand your objectives and help you get the most out of your team and resources.

Let’s get the ball rolling.  We invite you to schedule a 15-minute call to chat about your team and vision.  We’re happy to discuss similar client engagements and provide recommendations for tools and processes that can help you achieve your vision.

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