School Threat Detection & Surveillance

Beginning with Columbine, there have been 85 shootings and 223 fatalities in U.S. schools.

  • The frequency and severity of firearms-related incidents are increasing, and unfortunately, our educational institutions are often the chosen targets
  • Some argue that we should lock down our schools, watch our students and teachers closely, and treat everyone with suspicion. Essentially, trade our freedoms and privacy for security.
  • We strongly disagree with this approach. Let’s focus on the true threats – and deliver intelligence to the people trained to address those threats.
  • Alpine Consulting has partnered with ZeroEyes to provide early detection and actionable intelligence related to firearms activity and threatening behaviors that occur in our schools.

Let’s stop firearms-related violence in our schools!

What is ZeroEyes?

ZeroEyes uses artificial intelligence to actively monitor existing camera feeds to detect weapons in real time. Once detected, the system instantly sends alerts to administrators and law enforcement.

ZeroEyes Active Shooter Mitigation

The technology can provide critical information (number of shooters, description, type of weapon, and location) to improve the situational awareness of all stakeholders, enabling them to quickly address threats and secure buildings.

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