ZeroEyes Weapons Detection

Use your existing surveillance cameras to detect firearms

  • More than 90% of high schools and universities have installed security cameras, yet the frequency and severity of firearms-related incidents are increasing.
  • Less than 1% of surveillance footage is seen by human eyes. Most institutions don’t have the resources to monitor each camera feed.
  • ZeroEyes is an artificial intelligence technology that analyzes existing camera feeds 24/7, scanning for firearms.
  • When a firearm is identified, information-rich alerts are immediately sent to those responsible and trained to deal with these threats.
  • Alpine Consulting has partnered with ZeroEyes to help K-12 and Higher Education institutions maximize their investment in surveillance technology and prevent firearms violence in our schools.

Let’s stop firearms-related violence in our schools!

What is ZeroEyes?

ZeroEyes uses artificial intelligence to actively monitor existing camera feeds to detect weapons in real time. Once detected, the system instantly sends alerts to administrators and law enforcement.

ZeroEyes Active Shooter Mitigation

The technology can provide critical information (number of shooters, description, type of weapon, and location) to improve the situational awareness of all stakeholders, enabling them to quickly address threats and secure buildings. A brief video intro:

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