Alpine Counter Fraud

Designed as a multilayered ecosystem of tightly woven analytical techniques, the Counter Fraud solution eliminates information silos, expands the observation space, and enables unified enterprise business intelligence.

Detect: Apply analytical fraud models and rules in the business process to determine if an ‘action’ is potentially fraudulent before unnecessary deposits, withdrawals, transfers or payments occur.

CF-Image-1Respond: Apply fraud insights to take action. Confidently differentiate legitimate actions while preventing or interrupting suspicious actions by responding immediately to criminal patterns and activities.

Investigate: Turn fraud intelligence into action. Perform and manage the deep inquires into suspicious activity that will support the compilation of evidence and provide the thorough analysis required to build more compelling cases for prosecution and recovery or denial of payment.

Discover: Leverage a rich set of analytic capabilities to identity suspicious activity by retrospectively reviewing historical data, analyzing patterns and building watch lists to identify individuals or organizations that might be conducting fraudulent activities.

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