IBM Information Governance

Managing your most valuable asset : DATA

Information governance in IT: the processes that assure that Information Technology is properly managed and utilized to enable an organization to achieve its strategic goals.

Effective Information Governance is crucial in today’s complex IT environment!

When corporate expectations for Information Technology systems are not met, the root cause is often the lack of an effective information governance structure. Whether the deficiencies are in quality of service, security issues or lack of return on investment, the absence of effective information governance processes is more often than not the principal cause.
Unfortunately, many enterprises allow their information governance policies and processes to be driven by compliance requirements, which could be described as a minimalistic and simplistic approach. In today’s hyper competitive business environment, you must be willing to raise the bar.

How is your organization dealing with the issue of IT information governance?

If your enterprise depends upon a reliable, secure and cost-effective IT infrastructure (and what enterprise doesn’t?), then Alpine’s Professional IT Governance and Data Management Review can yield exceptional benefits. In a recent survey, 47% of employees and managers reported that they don’t trust the data provided to them, even though they base critical business decisions on this data. As business continues to be more IT centric, real time, quality, trusted information becomes essential to success.
Companies with proper information governance and data quality procedures and controls are able to derive more value from their information assets. Those lacking effective governance tend to experience higher costs, increased risks, and declining customer satisfaction.

An effective data governance and information governance program focuses on creating and maintaining sound business processes behind the data. With the introduction of our comprehensive data governance solution, Alpine makes this process simple, quick, and cost effective

The Alpine Data Governance Starter Pack (DG Starter Pack) enables our clients to assess current governance efficacy, define organizational data requirements and assess current governance challenges and obstacles.

We help you to develop a sustainable data governance strategy by:

  • Defining your data governance and information governance objectives & roadmap
  • Building a common business vocabulary ( a fundamental component of all data governance and data quality initiatives)
  • Implementing your solution quickly, delivering quick time to value and creating rapid corporate momentum
  • Ensuring and delivering a predictable cost profile and implementation timeline

What is the Alpine Data Governance Starter Pack?

The Alpine Data Governance Starter Pack is a cost effective method to jump start or enhance data governance and data quality initiatives. Built on a proven three step method, the Alpine DG Starter Pack integrates core tools and services, customized to ensure that you derive the immediate benefits that the delivery of trusted information provides. The Alpine Data Governance Starter Pack helps you establish a foundation for strategic data governance initiatives:

Step 1: Information Governance Maturity Assessment and Data Discovery

Alpine works with your business and technical teams to:
• Understand data governance roles and processes
• Assess organizational priorities
• Assess data quality and architecture within identified strategic initiatives
• Build a comprehensive data governance roadmap and make recommendations

Step 2: Information Governance Implementation

Alpine implements the IBM® InfoSphere® Business Glossary toolkit (Business Glossary and Business Glossary Anywhere), including:
• Design and creation of the Glossary content
• Installation and configuration of Business Glossary and Business Glossary Anywhere
• Population of the Glossary metadata and content
• Preparation of stewardship assets and responsibilities

Step 3: Best Practices and Mentoring

Alpine builds a foundation for ongoing data governance success through:
• Comprehensive training and enablement of Data Stewards and Business Glossary toolkit users
• Skills transfer of best-in-class data governance best practices
• Review of data governance roadmap
• Ongoing mentoring

Like society itself, data without governance is chaos. Let Alpine “civilize” your data with our time-tested and proven Information Governance solution