IBM InfoSphere Information Server

When it comes to the all-important realm of information integration, Alpine features IBM’s InfoSphere Information Server, the market-leading integration platform used successfully by organizations the world over.

Clients who use IBM InfoSphere Information Server and Alpine Consulting benefit from the ability to achieve a clearer understanding of their data, as well as from the cleansing, monitoring, transformation and delivery capabilities that make InfoSphere the most comprehensive and powerful solution of its type.

With IBM InfoSphere information server and Alpine Consulting forming the perfect software/services team, your enterprise can utilize any or all of InfoSphere’s exhaustive data management capabilities, including:

  • Creation of trusted information to support your strategic business initiatives, such as big data, point-of-impact analysis, business intelligence and analytics, data warehouse including big data, point-of-impact analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing, master data management, and application consolidation and migration.
  • Enabling collaboration between business and IT, thereby helping meet joint objectives.
  • Providing metadata integration and insight into data lineage.
  • Connectivity to virtually any and all data sources. Always-on operational data integration & data quality.
  • Scalability and infrastructure optimization.
  • Increasing velocity of data integration deployments

Alpine Consulting and IBM InfoSphere Information Server: the surest way to realize maximum value from all of your enterprise information.

Alpine Consulting, Inc. and InfoSphere Information Server from IBM: the surest path to realizing the most value from all the information available to your enterprise.