Information Managed Services

Choosing the right partner

Partnering with an effective IT Managed Services partner can be a defining strategic decision for many businesses. Keeping your IT infrastructure running at its optimum performance, ensuring comprehensive security across all parts of your system and gaining the most from your IT investments can require a wide range of skills and abilities. Companies that desire to be completely focused on their core businesses often don’t have the time, or the extensive expertise necessary to manage their IT systems or niche solutions within their environment in today’s complex environment.

Choosing the right partner is vital to making the most of your managed IT services decision. Alpine Managed Services (AMS)  has extensive experience and expertise in managing environments from a single web application to complex environments running over 100 high transaction applications. Alpine can provide 24/7 IT administration and support, but can also act as your on-call expert for IT administration or application development assistance for those environments where 24/7 support is not easily justifiable or where your staff may already be stretched to its limits.

AMS offers the following managed services:

  • Onsite and Remote Administration
  • 24/7 support or ‘as needed’
  • Flexible support contracts for any environment including Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows and iSeries platforms

* Various application middleware support including WebSphere MQ Series, IBM InfoSphere Information Server, IBM Identity Insight, IBM WebSphere Commerce, Magento commerce and more

With over $4.5B in transactional volume, our AMS offering is designed to help our clients manage and drive their core business without spending time and resources on IT.

Our AMS service can include the following components:

  • Application/Architecture/Administration support and maintenance for network, user and systems.
  • Project Management, Development and Application Migration support which leverages Alpine’s proprietary tracking application to assist in the management and resolution of any bugs, changes, enhancements, testing and coordination.
  • Data backup, storage and High Availability/Disaster recovery planning services for business-critical application servers including WebSphere Application Server, JBoss, WebLogic and Tomcat.
  • E-commerce, including complex environments with multiple integration points.
  • Portal administration, including complex or extensive integration and performance challenges.
  • Database Administration and Information Management, including the major relational databases for high-volume and business critical systems.
  • Security and infrastructure assessments.