B2B eCommerce Trends for 2020

Every year, I identify over fifty technical trends that are impacting B2B eCommerce, then narrow that list down to the top ten and remove those that are not addressing very […]

Cryptocurrency Fraud Part 1: Macro Fraud

This post provides links to information and examples referenced in Episode 4 (Cryptocurrency Fraud – Part 1) of Alpine’s Threat & Fraud Podcast. Podcast Episode: Bogus Crypto / Initial Coin […]

Hyperledger Fabric – The Blockchain for Business

Hyperledger Fabric The Blockchain for Business The introduction of blockchain technology is revolutionizing business by allowing two or more parties to trust a ledger of records. While this technology is […]


Episode 4: Cryptocurrency Fraud (Part 1)

Stan and Earl discuss unique forms of fraud that exist in the “wild west” of cryptocurrency. This episode focuses on “macro” frauds: those aimed at entire markets or large groups […]